So, what is it about the challenge of monogamy?  The famous couples get the spotlight (much to their chagrin) – Arnold and Maria, Brad and Jennifer, Bill and Hillary, Charles and Diana just to name a few throughout the past decade or so.  But they are certainly not the only ones who are affected by wanderlust.  Your neighbor, co-worker, friend – the cheating heart knows no boundaries.  So, I gotta ask – is monogamy really possible?  And if there are those who can truthfully say that they’ve never cheated on their spouse or significant other, are they really happy?  Are people truly wired to stay with one mate and one mate only for their entire lives?  Or is our DNA programmed to insure survival of the species by encouraging us to procreate (and practice a lot) with multiple partners?  I’m really on the fence about this.  And the more I learn and experience in life, the more I am inclined to believe that we are, at least during the time we are in our sexual prime, instinctively primed to cheat.  Perhaps our society got this one all wrong?  Of course, we could then get into a whole discourse about allowing multiple wives – and then why not husbands as well – and all the issues that would entail.  But let keep this post simple.  Any thoughts?