You know, those little warning signs that rear their heads in the early stages of a relationship.  Sometimes we pay attention but, more often than not, we choose to ignore them for one reason or another.  We’re lonely and in need of the companionship, we’ve spent far too may nights alone in bed, we’re so physically attracted to the other person we’re willing to overlook a lot (at least for a while), and so on.  But, eventually, the little warnings accumulate and turn into deafening alarms we can’t ignore and the relationship falters.  Oh, if only we’d paid attention back when things were less complicated and it was easier to back out of the relationship calmly and quickly.  Sometimes it’s easier to recognize those signs when someone else mentions them.  So here’s a few pet peeves of my own that I’ve experienced over the years…and it’s amazing how common some of them can be.  After you’ve read mine, I’d love to know a few of yours too!

– He’s way too controlling about things – where you go on a date, where you sit in the restaurant, what route you take to drive somewhere.  And he seems to know things like when you go online and where you go during the day, to the point of almost being a stalker.

– What’s yours is his.  You order a drink in the restaurant and he wants to taste it – suddenly half your drink is gone.  When the waiter asks if you want another, you say yes and suggest he get one too.  But he’d rather share yours again…and when it gets to the table he takes the first gulp.

– He doesn’t do holidays.  Excuse me?  This one especially gets to me when he has kids but Christmas or Chanukah aren’t on his to-do list.  And birthdays?  Forget about it.

– Every gift he buys you – if you’re lucky enough to get one – is practical.  Lingerie?   Jewelry?  A nice dinner out?  How about just a romantic dinner at home with a nice bottle of wine, a massage and a sexy dvd?  Nope.  Hey, nothing says “I love you” like a sharp set of steak knives!

Ok…your turn!