What’s the worst date you ever had? Let’s have some fun!  Here’s one of mine:

He had invited me to go dancing – country style.  He met me and asked me to drive because he was low on gas.  Before he got into the car he splashed this awful smelling cologne on – I had to drive with the windows down.  When we got there he “remembered” that he hadn’t brought the right credit card with him (the one with room on it)…I remember thinking that he’d better have some dead presidents in his wallet or I was turning around and going home.  When we got inside they did accept his credit card for the cover, so I stayed.  He didn’t ask me what I wanted to eat – he ordered for the both of us.  Greasy, awful stuff that you didn’t even have to chew – it just slid down your throat.  I nibbled at it to be polite.  He then informed me that I would be limited to one drink, so I’d better make it count!  When it came time to dance, he didn’t even wipe his hands.  They smelled like grease and I could feel it on my skin as well.  He also had a sweating problem – 20 minutes later I could hardly stand to be next to him he smelled so bad between the sweat and the cologne.  Oh, and he criticized every aspect of my dancing, even though I thought I was doing pretty well.  I stood it for as long as I could and then said I had to go – said I had an early morning, etc.  When I dropped him back to his car I prayed he wouldn’t try to kiss me – I didn’t even get out of mine.  When he asked if we could do it again, I just smiled, waved goodbye and peeled out of the parking lot.  I think I answered his question!

Ok – your turn!