When we hear the word love, we conjure up all different images in our minds: Valentine’s Day and boxes of chocolates; June weddings; honeymoon destinations; growing old together; family; home.

We all have a different idea of what love is.

But what about true love? Kissing behind the garden gate. Pounding hearts. We can’t stop thinking about this other person. We daydream about our lives together.

True love.

The Greek word for true love is “agape” love, and it refers to the true love we feel when we want what’s best for another person. When we’re willing to lay down our lives for them if that’s what it takes. When we’re willing to do the hard thing even when it doesn’t feel good.

For example, at the beginning of my story, Peter wants to take Daisy back to New York with him as his wife because he’s fallen in love with Daisy through her romance stories, and because he wants to move up the corporate ladder in the publishing company his uncle owns. He thinks how he’s rescuing her from obscurity in the wilderness of the Arizona Territory and how he’ll be the talk of the town when he returns with her on his arm.

However, the Daisy Duncan he meets isn’t anything like he expected, and he soon figures out that removing Daisy/Lily from her surroundings will stifle the spirit right out of her. He must now make a decision: continue with his plans, or do what’s best for Lily.

He chooses what’s best for Lily, no matter what his uncle thinks, and no matter how heartbroken he will be to return without her.

Also at the beginning of my story, Lily, who writes under the pen name of Daisy, vows she will never leave the Arizona Territory, and especially not for any hotshot city slicker from the East. However, through a series of circumstances, she discovers she cares a great deal for Peter, and soon cannot bear the thought of him leaving. Yet to ask him to stay will starve him of the hustle and bustle of his beloved Big Apple.

She can keep him but he will surely pine away like a colicky horse. Or she can let him go.

She chooses what’s best for Peter, no matter how much it pains her to do so, and knowing that after experiencing love for the first time, she may never love again.

True love is more than flowers and chocolates, or sweaty palms and breathless kisses. True love compels us to do for another what they cannot do for themselves—see their value through the eyes of another.

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