Teens talk about S’LIFE
(formerly titled Girl Talk)

I am pleased to announce a pilot project, based upon the upcoming book titled S’LIFE, Slices of Life for Teens. This program offers a select group of students at participating high schools the chance to read the unpublished manuscript and take part in a workshop group about the material and the issues it discusses. The main thrust of the experience is to encourage positive introspection and exploration, as well as opening the often-closed channels of communication between teens and their parents.

The young people in this video were among the students I spoke with at one high school I visited as part of this pilot project. The results were overwhelmingly positive.

A select group of students had read my manuscript and I was there to discuss it with them and talk with the other kids as well. I was pleased at how the students seemed to gravitate to my book, enjoying its content and format. They gave me invaluable real-world feedback from the target audience that I immediately planned to incorporate into the book itself. But what struck me the most was how almost every kid I met seemed to gobble up all of positive energy I offered them. I had motivational talks with those who had not read the manuscript and many literally begged for the chance to read the book as well. This underscored the immense need that is not being fulfilled in our middle and high schools nationwide.

I invite any school or organization that is interested in participating to contact me via the form on the Contact Page of this website.

Several of the students graciously volunteered to talk with me on-camera.  You may watch this informative and moving video here: Teen Video

And this is a brief glimpse at what the students thought about the book itself: Teens talk about S’LIFE, Slice of Life for Teens

What Teens Are Saying About S’LIFE:

“I like how it related to me…”

“…more than just the stereotypical [issues] that you see in movies…”

“I like the way it covered a whole spectrum of topics…”

“…it had chapters that were short and to the point…”

“…a brilliant idea…a lot of people need to read stuff like this.”

“…it really opened my eyes…”