Guys are always looking to understand women better. Whatever the motive, they just want to know what the opposite sex desires, so they can move into position to displace the object of that desire with themselves.

Guys, here’s the cold, hard truth. Women don’t really care about men. They don’t think we’re cool, or funny, or really all that charming. They know that in the end they need us, because they are genetically wired to need a male in their lives, just like we’re genetically wired to need them. But that’s about where the connection between us and them starts and ends.

Ask any female, and she’ll tell you she would rather be with one of her close friends than with you. She will laugh harder with her best female friend than she ever will at (I’m sorry…with) you. The truth is we’re not really that funny. Although, I would dare say we are amusing. In fact, the funniest thing we can do as men is try to be cool around a female – you know, say something smooth, trying to gain their affection. Guess what? That pickup line you just tried will have them almost in tears laughing for hours later.

Sure, women like sex, but they don’t live for sex like men do. I would guess that if you give your girl a choice between sex with you and a hot bath with a good book, (if she’s honest) you’ll end up alone in the recliner every time. Most of the sex we have is because our women have finally taken pity on us, and they know it won’t take up too much of their time anyways.

If you can handle all of that or “take it like a man” – and the sooner you realize all of that is true the better – then you’re ready. Welcome to the truth about women.