The idea of ‘Ecliptic’ came to me by pure chance when my husband and I were talking about the constellations; it was a warm night, and we were walking down the seaside in Genoa, my native city in Italy. The view of the sky from the darkness of the docks of the ancient harbor was breathtaking.

My husband is incredibly fond of astronomy, and stargazing is one of his favorite hobbies. That night, out of nowhere, he asked, “Has anybody ever written a fantasy based on the zodiac constellations?” No, I was pretty sure that nobody had written something like that, as far as I’m aware. “Why don’t you write it?” he insisted.

Why not? My imagination had already started running at breakneck speed.

First of all, I must say that I’m a hungry reader. I smell books, I consume books, and I can’t live without them. My favorite genre is fantasy fiction, and I’ve been addicted since I read ‘The Lord of the Rings’ as a child.

I wrote the book in Italian, my native language, during several relocations due to my husband’s job. I carried on writing whilst working as a freelance beauty consultant; during snowstorms in Switzerland, and under the scorching summer sun in Tuscany. I must admit that I became obsessed by the story that was taking shape in my head – my husband can confirm that!

When I moved to London a year and half ago, I realised that an Italian book would be limited. So thanks to the help of some patient friends – I literally tortured them – I translated it into English. It was by far the most difficult thing I have ever done. I kept revising it again and again and again. The words were mixing up in my head, Italian and English together. Some days I was desperate to finish it, and at times I  thought everything I had written was crap; other days I was unreasonably optimistic.

But in the middle of all the difficulties, I’ve learned an important lesson: we are our experience, no matter the place we come from. Every single moment of our life feeds our ability to write, because the story, in the end, is the crucial point.


Sara Lunardi was born and raised in the town of Genoa, Italy and now resides in London, the city which provides the backdrop for much of her writing. Lunardi has a degree in Italian, Spanish and English Literature and when not writing, she is the manager of a wellness and beauty centre as well as a freelance beauty consultant for prestigious cosmetics brands. She is currently working on the second installment for the Ecliptic Saga, ‘The Seal of Constellations’.






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