I’ve created stories since I was a very young child. As an only child until I was six, most of my time was spent in the company of adults so I often had to entertain myself. I went with my mom to work when I was little; she was a secretary for a trucking company. She’d get me set up with paper, pens, folders, and other office supplies then I’d start playing. I’d make up stories about what I was doing and Johnny, Cathy and I would spend the day in our own little world. Johnny and Cathy were my imaginary friends and they went everywhere with me. Not wanting to stifle my creativity, mom would even set a place for them at the dinner table, complete with dishes and silverware. They were my first creations. Unfortunately, Johnny and Cathy were in an accident and they didn’t fare well…One night, my grandfather sat on them at dinner. He said he didn’t see them there.  They lived, but after that they didn’t come around as often. Johnny and Cathy may have been squashed but my creativity lived on, unscathed.

Like anyone, I’ve had bad days as a parent, a friend, a daughter, and a partner but one thing has never changed; my stories. Even when I’m tempted to call it off, I still write. It may just be for me, at the moment, but most of those pieces I’ve written over the years are in a file. They’re patiently waiting for me to fine-tune, tweak, and publish them. Writing is something that has remained a constant in my life. As a chubby little girl, an awkward teen, a rebellious adolescent, and a confused young adult, I wrote. As a first-time mom at 40, and a mom of three at 42, I wrote. Now, I’m a stay-at-home-mom of three active boys, my oldest is nine and the twins are eight. I write to keep my sanity, to release anger or anxiety, and to express my unbelievable joy.

Writing is therapy for me. When my dad was diagnosed with stage-four cancer, I wrote. When he was too weak to go on, I wrote. When he died, I wrote. When my extended family fell apart, I wrote. Since my grandparents are gone, I write to keep their memory alive for my sons. It is how my boys will connect with me, and my past, even after I am gone. And if I am really fortunate, I will be able to pass my love of storytelling on to them. Then they can keep the past alive and, one day, make new memories for their children.

So far, all three of my boys show a talent for writing and also embrace other ways to show their creativity. The one who enjoys storytelling the most is also a fantastic little engineer. Give that boy a box of blocks, wood, cardboard, paper, or whatever is handy, and he’ll create. He loves to tell stories about his creations once his is finished building them but while he’s creating; let him be! He’s very methodical and knows exactly what he wants to do. He doesn’t want any help and, to be honest, he doesn’t really need it. I am amazed by his focus and abilities. His twin is a talented little writer and, if he can learn to harness his focus, his talent will continue to grow; but he also loves music and dance. He sings all the time, and I do mean all the time! He is constantly in motion. We hope to get him enrolled in dance and/or music lessons soon. He said he wants to play the guitar. My oldest son says that he wants to be a writer. He is currently writing a story about an “epic battle”. He read part of it to me and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I’ve encouraged him to work on it during our daily “quiet time”; you know, the “nap time” that they’ve outgrown. He has written about a dozen pages, so far, and I hope to publish it for him when he has finished. Because I have encouraged their creativity, I am treated to concerts, plays, dramatic readings, building projects, and a plethora of artistically imaginative endeavors…and I love every minute of it!




Linda Beeson Rosendale is a stay-at-home mom and blogger. She is currently working on a thriller, and collaborating with three other authors on a horror anthology. Her home is in the Midwest, where she resides with her husband and three sons. Her sarcastic wit and snarky sense of humor keep her (relatively) sane. You can follow her on Twitter @writerlinda2008, on Facebook L.B Rosendale, Author and Blogger, and her blog http://momstime2write.blogspot.com.



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