At the start of a relationship, romance comes naturally. No one needs to be taught. If you are in doubt, you are willing to ask a friend or family member how to show the special person in your life you care.

Now roll the tape several years forward, you seem to have lost the zeal to play the romantic in your marriage. The stress of everyday life eats up every romantic thought you ever had. You don’t even ask for help. In your heart you wonder, what is the point?

The simplest gestures are so often overlooked.

Easy Ways to Rekindle Your Relationship

A kiss on the lips as your husband or wife steps in through the door will go a long way to ease stress and give a warm welcome.

A hug from behind while he or she prepares the meal will put more than a smile on his or her face & heart.

Trailing your fingers around his or her neck and sharing romantic words is a great practice. Sending love text messages is a good way to put you at the forefront of his or her thoughts even if you are busy bees.

Sit down together in the bedroom, kitchen or anywhere comfy several times a week to chat about anything – family, finances, gossip, work, your relationship, concerns & so on.

Clasp your hands over his, walk up the stairs together, take a shower together at least once a week, share a snack, watch movies on TV. My husband and I even visit the toilet together, yes, we do. And he holds up my butt when we walk up the stairs. Lol!

Get him to unhook your bra. Then roll your shoulders and hope he drops a kiss on your skin.

Eat a meal together at home or outside, often. Just the two of you. It will give you time for yourselves. Believe me, you have a lot to say to each other.

Play your preferred music, take his or her hand and dance. Stare into each other’s eyes, rest your head on his shoulders and listen to his heartbeat.

Foreplay is a biggie. Wear sexy lingerie. Ask him to choose which panties to wear. Spontaneous sex is a winner any day.

Sit on his lap in the living room as you watch TV, even if your children are around.

Love is great and you get more when you give out. Relationships are perfect for sharing and receiving love.

There is a huge place for giving gifts. Apart from on memorable dates, make a habit of giving simple & thoughtful gifts to your husband or wife. Bring home their favourite meal, a bottle of wine, key ring, flowers, box of chocolates, anything you know they will love & appreciate. A smile on his or her face is worth the trouble.

Please don’t give me the excuse about being too busy or tired to engage in romance. Depends on your priority. When I say I’m too tired, and I get persuaded to get in between the sheets with my husband, I find that I come out stronger, not weaker after it all. Give it a try.

Even if you have been married a long time, everyday can be just like your first date. You can make it happen. I have been married for almost 16 years and it feels new every day. Thank God. My husband is a great romantic, so he leads and I follow!

These are all tried and tested recipe for rekindling romance from personal experience. It works. Above all, remain faithful & prayerful.

Relationship success takes time and effort. Don’t let love rot or go stale. Someone less busy might dust up the ashes and rekindle the flame.

In Forbidden Dance, Alero & Kyle’s love grew stale. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. I say, only when the love embers are fanned from a distance. Kyle found out too late that neglecting his wife was a no-no.

I wrote Forbidden Dance in the hope that many women who are on the verge of divorce would reconsider, and give their marriage another shot.

About the Author

 Stella, loves writing romance novels that are as intriguing and flirty as they are entertaining. The witty dialogue between the characters keep you thoroughly entertained. Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels are a wide range of toe-curling, skin-tingling romance books with compelling characters who have heart and soul.

The stories are set in fascinating Africa, enticing Europe and enchanting America and are dotted with unexpected twists, turns and conflicts. If you want to cuddle up and relax, grab a copy, travel with the characters and sail away to Pleasure Island. The stories cure boredom and relieve stress.

In 2010, Stella created Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels. Her first contemporary romance novel; Loitering Shadows was published in May 2010. Stormy Defense, Beyond the Lady, The Gardener’s Ice Maiden, Sparkling Dawn, Husband to Rent, Stolen Valentine Kiss (Holiday Series #1) & Kiss My Lips (Holiday Series #2) are part of Flirty & Feisty Contemporary Romance Novels. Royal Cowries (Cowries Series #1) is her first historical romance.

On Stella’s writing desk at the moment, are three exciting romance stories.

Stella is married to her gorgeous best friend and lover and they are blessed with two teenage children. They live in London, UK.

In her leisure time, Stella goes swimming, reads romance novels, goes to the Cinema with her family, and watches TV.

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