Ah, the promise of prom night.  The dresses, the limos, the anticipation of that coming of age ritual that has inspired some of the best (and worst) books and movies of our time.  Yet, under all the glitz and glamour, there are some very real issues that come to bear that can take some of the sparkle away.  When I went to prom, the guy I really wanted to go with asked someone else, and the guy who asked me that I ended up going with wasn’t too happy when he found out about it.  Then there are those who end up going stag (really embarrassing), or who just couldn’t afford that fancy new dress like all of their other friends could (also really embarrassing).  And on a more serious note, there’s always that undercurrent of pressure about who’s going to lose their virginity (assuming that’s not already a done deal) and the drinking and drugs that are usually available at the after-parties.  My prom experience was pretty tame compared to some of the stuff that goes on now.  In my case the guy already knew he wasn’t gonna get any and the after party was fairly low key.  This year I hear about some of the plans the kids have and I wonder how their parents are dealing with it.  And the caveat is – a lot of them are 18 already, so hey, you don’t get to tell them what to do anymore!  Thoughts?