Have you ever met someone, and wished to be more like her? She was strong, or kind, or brave; and knowing such a woman was out there in the world made our gender sparkle and made the world a better place for everyone. I guess that is what a role model is supposed to be, but my hero is not an athlete, movie star, or musician. She’s a simple woman that I’ve known all my life.

In fact, it may seem like a small or silly thing, but many a day I think I’d like to be more like Baba, my grandma. I’d be good to my marrow, and strong enough to carry the world on my shoulders until the day I died. I’d have the vision to see what was right, and the stubbornness to stay true to it. I’m not sure if I have what it takes to be close to what she was, but every day I try; it’s all I can do.

She came across Canada from Saskatchewan when my mother was just a child and put roots down in Grand Forks, BC. I have a picture of her on a wagon with Geda, my grandpa, Mom and my uncles. It was the day they arrived, a family of five looking for a better place to call home. The roots took; my uncle, Mom and myself still call Grand Forks home.

I’ve known Baba as a gardener, storyteller, musician, a cook, and a wise woman. Don’t misunderstand, she couldn’t read. Women of her day didn’t need an education, they needed to work the farms; it was the men that went to school. At sixty she decided enough was enough, and took an English course to learn to read/write; I’ve never been so proud. Just as she studied to improve her life, she studied the world around her. She enjoyed staying current with the times, and was amazed by how the world changed in her lifetime.

I wanted that passion and found it in writing.

I started writing as a hobby and would have never pursued it if it hadn’t been for the support I found on the internet. The hobby became more serious and led to blogging. Having a blog, Shout with Emaginette, made me cringe at first, but so far I think I’ve done okay. Baba was long gone before there were blogs, yet when I close my eyes I can see her face fill with the pleasant surprise realizing she is the subject of this post.

I miss those stubborn eyes, her sturdy frame, and wise chuckle. I miss her well lined face that recorded a million smiles. But mostly I miss her outlook, the way she embraced life. I hope I do as well.


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Anna Simpson and her family enjoy living the good life near the Canadian-US border. If you look for her online, you will have more luck Googling Emaginette, which is her web persona. I know she’d love to hear from you.

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