Reading may have been the most pivotal thing I’ve done to further my writing career. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned since beginning my writing journey is how inspirational writers can be to one another. I vividly remember sorting through my daughter’s homework folder six years ago, when she was in second grade, and pulling out a beautifully written story. I know most people will think I’m biased when I go on to say how masterfully I thought it was written. But when I read the description of an emerald green forest and shimmering grey mountains, I knew I had a writer on my hands.

I couldn’t let her carefully constructed words get lost in the pile of school assignments that had stacked up that entire year. I proudly framed and displayed her amazing work. It sparked a determination in me to get her writing out there for others to see as well. It also recharged an old desire I had since my own childhood to become an author.

Now, five years later and in present day, my daughter’s children’s book describing the emerald forest and shimmery grey mountains is nearly complete with illustrations and ready for publication, and my own debut novel is set to be released February of this year. All I can think of when I’m finally able to take a breath after all the hard work is: it wouldn’t have been possible without the push and inspiration other writers’ works had on me. I’m proud to know that the first writer to make me really want to put everything else down and set my own words on paper was my daughter.


 Janine Carbone, a Philadelphia native, put her BA in psychology to good use with the creation of her first New Adult novel, Wildflower. Carbone mixed elements of mystery, romance, and suspense, to create an edgy and intense debut novel peering into the darker side of mental health.

 Carbone grew up in a world full of books and knew she wanted to be a writer since an early age. She spends most nights dreaming up new plots, while mornings you can find her with a pen and pad in hand, twisting and weaving words to inspire surprise and delight in her readers.

With a love of cooking and traveling overseas, she can be found in the kitchen experimenting with unusual ingredients, or trekking across grounds unknown. However, she does enjoy spending every moment she can with her family.

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