He has become an unwitting celebrity – Stephen McDow suddenly found $110,000 magically appear in his bank account.  He’d spent 60k of it by the time the real owner of the funds tracked him down and demanded the money back.  Apparently, the IRS has directly deposited the refund into the account they’d been given by the 67 year old woman to whom the money really belonged.  She’d never told them that she closed the account which was subsequently reassigned to poor Stephen.  He has now been charged with felony grand theft and faces four years in prison.  His bail is ironically set at $110,000!  So, here’s the question of the hour – if magic money fell into your lap, what would you do?  Would it depend on whether it appeared in your checking account or if you just happened across a paper bag filled with a bunch of unmarked bills?  I’ll admit, the unmarked bills scenario would be very tempting.  While spending money you know is not yours that can be easily tracked is pretty stupid.  And here’s my other question – I want to know how to get the IRS to give me back $110,000!!!