I think I’ve always been a writer. Even before I knew that someone could be a writer I was writing. When I was little I had to play alone a lot because all of my friends either went to a sitter or were old enough to go to school. I stayed home with my mom and a played make-pretend a lot. I created worlds for myself with my stuffed animals as my cohorts and my swing set as whatever mode of transportation we needed. Rarely, if ever, was I the princess waiting to be rescued. It was always adventure for me and my fiber filled friends. I would read all the time and that helped to fuel playtime.
I remember my “a-ha” moment when I was a little older. As I read a book I decided that I could make the scene better. The words would flow smoothly if they were rearranged a bit and a few more adjectives would make it livelier.
So basically I believe that a person can go to school and become a literary person like a person with no real musical talent can learn to play an instrument in a perfunctory way. You could learn how you’re supposed to write or play but I really think that being able to those things with real emotion that others can feel is a talent we’re born with. Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me?