I’m Caz Greenham

A passionate writer, creator and author of The Adventures of Eric Seagull ‘Storyteller’ series, set in Brixham Bay, living by the sea in Devon with my husband Geoff and rather mischievous dogs Lucy and Rosie. If I’m not writing about Eric Seagull ‘Storyteller’ then you can find me paddling along the seashore or dipping my toes in rock pools of my local beaches or perusing the children’s book section in book shops.

I’m mostly known down here in the Southwest for my children’s books. The seaside theme originated around the coastline of sunny Devon while I was on holiday with my husband and dogs a few years ago. However, this series has now travelled to other parts of the world and has taken a ferry ride across to France, and an aeroplane ride to New Zealand! The style is quirky and people look out for characters that have sneaked into the illustrations. I’m lucky enough to have a local Devon illustrator nearby.

Eric Seagull is a character who was born about 5 years ago and whose purpose was to get me writing for children. The first thing that came into my head as I strolled along Brixham Marina in the UK while on holiday and spotted a seagull ‘giving me the eye’ was that my main Character in all my books would be a quirky looking seagull. The other characters just popped into my head as I wrote about Eric’s sea adventures.

Eric’s description stems from a Professor of Physics who worked with my dad in the 70s. He wore a waistcoat and colourful bow tie. His yellow tufty hair matched Eric’s description perfectly. Eric the Professor asked me to dance once, but I turned him down. In March 2013 book one in the series The Mysterious Sea Creatures was published. Book two ‘A Fairy’s Wish’ was published September the same year. I’m working on book three ‘The Ocean Circus’ but get distracted with blogging, dog walking, gardening, and generally enjoying living so close to the ocean. If I could choose to be any character in a book I would want to be a beautiful mermaid with golden hair down to my waist. Maybe that’s because I’ve got a mermaid character in book one.

All things quirky inspire me, so I would definitely say that that also influences the style of Eric Seagull. I first found I loved adventure books way back in the fifties when my brother would take me to the library via a ten-minute bus ride. Treasure Island, Alice in Wonderland, one-legged Long John Silver with Ben Gunn was amongst my favourites.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about me, and my books that are available on amazon and most online bookshops. You can ask for them at any good bookshop.

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