The love between a book and its reader can truly be a selfish, and one-sided affair.  As the reader you give all of yourself, surrendering your soul to the novel. Opening your heart to its writings, feeling all the emotions that book contains. Never being fully satisfied once finished, always longing for more.

Upon finishing a book there is a sense of satisfaction, and yet emptiness all at once. It truly is like an affair, the sensation you get when you first start. Always wanting more, never being able to stop. Once you do finally manage to part, you long for more, counting the minutes when you will be back in the arms of your love.  The excitement, the tingles and chills, its torture to be apart; and sometimes hell when you’re together.

This is an affair that at times brings untold happiness, and other times, loss. Despite all of this, we keep going back. Always chasing that high of our first love. Discovering new ones along the way, and sometimes heartbreak too. This is an affair shared by many, but expressed by few.

This is one love that I will never stop chasing, no matter the pain that it may sometimes bring. Because when you have that love of reading, you give all of yourself to it. You don’t hold back, you surrender yourself to its writings.

Do you remember your first affair with a book? I do, it was a Flaw in the Blood, by Stephanie Barron. I gave all of myself to her writing. Every time I had to part it was hell, I longed to delve into more. The more I experienced, the more I desired! Pleasure is what I felt upon finishing, shortly followed by the yearning for more.

All who share my affection of reading will relate to my expressions. Reading is like a relationship, filled with ups, and downs. You laugh, and sometimes cry. Once one affair ends, you move onto the next, hoping the new book will bring you the same feelings as the one prior.

May all who have a love of reading never give up on it! Keep seeking, and you will find your next love.


Carmela Dutra
Author of the Adventures of Lorenzo the Bear series (like us!)






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