I love the coffee mug that says, “Be nice to me, or I will put you in my next book.”

But I think an even better one would be, “Wanted: fools that make characters of themselves.”

Because we all have those moments we hope nobody else saw.

Which are priceless tidbits for our stories.

You know what I’m talking about. Those things that nobody would believe.

Except they really happened.

Like the time I walked through the halls of my middle school with my uniform skirt up around my backside as my entire eighth grade class watched.

A dog had wandered into the classroom, and I’d scooped him up and marched him to the door where I released him.

Took me about three years to live that one down.

Or the time I was singing along to a Christian song on my Walkman as I took my daily walk. At the top of my lungs. Then I stopped to tie my shoelace and discovered two boys walking behind me who’d heard every off-key word. Because I can’t carry a tune in a bucket.

Then there was the time when I was about four and a neighbor boy took my bicycle. I asked my dad to get my bike back, but he said I needed to do it for myself. So I marched down there, pushed the boy off, and got my bike back. Then the boy ran to his father who came to complain about me being a bully.

Embarrassing, yes, but great fodder for your stories.

So the next time something happens to you or somebody else, consider how you might write that into a story, or even into a character’s backstory. Knowing my character went through this bicycle incident reveals to me their profound sense of justice, their desire for all to be right with their world, and the courage to be the change they want to see.



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