The high cost of education…it’s been written about many times in recent years.  And the basic issue is generally the same.  Are college degrees really worth it?  When a student graduates as a doctor or lawyer nowadays with say, 100k in student loans, and little prospects for a decent paying job, what do they do?   Yet, there are certain professions that do have a need for trained professionals and will hire graduates right out of college – the vast majority of them being in some sort of technical field.  So I suppose the landscape of the job market has truly changed.  Perhaps frighteningly so.  Physicians, attorneys, teachers and similar professions have experienced a decrease in demand and pay due to cutbacks and the recent economic decline.  But if you design a killer website or software program, you can be a billionaire before you’re 30.  Hmmm.  I still think a college degree it well worth it.  Graduates generally tend to comport themselves with a higher level of authority, use richer vocabularies and be much more savvy in business in general…all of which lend to being a greater success in life.  But perhaps the fields of study that many students will choose are changing.  It’s an interesting transition.  No longer is it a proud mother who declares , “My son/daughter, the doctor.”  Now it’s, “My son/daughter, the computer guru!”