To someone who has never written about a character in in-depth detail before this is going to sound mad. Hell it probably is and I should get checked for a multiple personality disorder, but it’s true. My most maddening relationship is with my characters.

I remember reading an interview with J K Rowling where she said that Harry walked into her head fully formed one day and I know the feeling all too well. Jade (my protagonist) did the exact same thing to me the moment I stepped out of the shower and wiped the bathroom mirror in April 2011. I can still picture the exact moment today. It was like being hit by a two by four.

After Jade presented herself, the whole team of doppelganger assassins strutted through my mind and sat down at an imaginary table yelling over one another to tell me their stories, fighting to be heard.

They’re still yelling now as I write book four.

So as I sit down to attack a particularly gruelling training scene with the two main lovers, Jade and Rein (two stubborn alpha personalities that walk a fine line between love and hate together) I am forced yet again to surrender my blank page to them. Whatever I intend to write is not what my characters want to do. They roam as they please with my pen. Which is why despite the fact I know how book four is going to end, I have no clue as to the direction of the fifth and final book in the series. My characters are refusing to co-operate and let me in on the grand finale. Their emotions haven’t yet developed far enough for me to anticipate their actions. Even when I can I’m sure they’ll change their minds. After all just because they’re in my head doesn’t mean their personalities aren’t real.

Fickle things are characters.


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