Beauty is more than a simple shape on one’s body,

Than how many pounds one has,
Than how lovely one’s face is,

Than the clothes you wear,

Or the makeup you might put on,

It is something deep inside your heart,

And deep inside your soul,

Something that every person can possess,

It doesn’t matter how much you weigh,

It doesn’t matter what you look like,

It doesn’t matter what has gone on in your life,

If you have been bullied by your looks,

If you have been hurt through society,

You are not alone in your hurt and pain,

But realize that beauty is more than this

It is more than what society might say,

Or how society might change its views,

From one moment to the next,

Don’t let the stereotypes of our world bring you down,

Don’t let the hurt from others leave you in pain,

Don’t let others hurt your life from their comments,

Beauty is more than just your shape on your body,

The curve of your thighs,

The flatness or non-flatness of your stomach,

The look of your face,

The shape of your arms,

And everything else in between,

Beauty is more than what words could ever describe,

It is more than what we see every day in our world,

More than the look that is shown through magazines,

The internet,

Or what we push onto each other,

We need to take back the meaning of beauty,

And the way it is portrayed to each person in our world,

And how we treat each person in this world,

We need to fight back to what has come to our world,

And change it person by person,

Until the world sees that beauty is more than just our looks,

That it includes things that is not always seen,

From the outside.

Mandy Buffington is a writer of poetry, short stories, novels, one act plays, songs, and much more. She finished one blog series called Yahoo Group Tutorial and is currently working on an ever going blog series called Life As A Medical Anomaly, and her Novels Sudi’s Kingdom, Star Maidens Of The Fairy, and a Dangerous Game. You can find her blog at: