It’s no secret that Arnold is/was a womanizer and an egomaniac.  But now, after a decade of silence he finally admits that he fathered a child ten years ago with a member of his household staff (who, incidentally, remained working for Arnold and Maria Shriver, his wife, until just this past January).  Although the child was born before his run for governor, does that really make it okay for him to have deceived an entire state for the sake of his career?  To say nothing of the extreme pain he has caused his soon-to-be ex-wife Maria or their four children who now know they having been living in the company of such a reprehensible lie for so many years.  And what about the staff member’s child?  I wonder who he grew up thinking his father is?  And I also can’t help wondering how much it cost Arnold to keep the other woman silent for so long – must have been a pretty penny.  So now, he apologizes and asks forgiveness for his sins.  Like that’s supposed to make it all better?  He should have asked for that 10 years ago, when it would have mattered.  But then he never would have been elected governor and his rocky marriage would have ended much sooner.  In other words, he made the conscious decision to deceive and use his friends, family and the people of California for personal gain until he could not keep the secret any longer and/or until he felt the cost of the admission would be manageable.  If he is simply forgiven, what does this teach our kids – what does it say about our society?  O.J. Simpson got away with murder.  Arnold gets away with infidelity, adultery, fathering a child out out of wedlock and personal/public malicious deception.  All it takes is fame and fortune and you can apologize and buy your way out of anything, right?  What a sad statement if that turns out to be the case.