To be ready for a relationship, you’ve got to look at yourself and honestly assess your motives, attitude, behaviour, arguing style, beliefs etc. Part of being ready involves loving yourself and being willing to share your love.
You know you’re ready for a healthy, happy relationship when you’re confident, approachable, open minded, friendly and easy to talk to.
You’re not ready
If trying to get you into a conversation is like pulling teeth at the dentist, you need to stay on your own, enjoy your company and be in control. It means having a relationship is far from your mind.
Do you have unresolved feelings for an ex? By constantly chatting about him/her, keeping track of their activities or stalking them, you’re definitely not emotionally ready to go into a new relationship.
If you’re self centred and always want to have your way or you aggressively argue your point and are stuck in the rut, you’ll have potential partners walking in the opposite direction.
Are you under pressure from your family to meet someone? If yes, there’s a chance you’ll fall head long into the wrong relationship or meet someone who isn’t ready for a relationship.
What do you want?
Consider your motives in going into a relationship. Do you want a casual sexual relationship, support and friendship, to make an ex jealous or does the idea of being in a relationship excite you? Your motives determine how ready you are. If a casual fling appeals to you, you don’t need to be available or invest the time and effort required to deepen a long term connection.
Knowing you are ready
To know you’re ready to float the boat in a new relationship, you’ve got to be available, have the time to devote to make it work and thrive, be willing to be open to new ideas and try new activities. Also, your willingness to compromise is an indication you have your head and heart in the right place to start a relationship.
Flirty & Feisty Romance wishes you good luck as you start a new relationship.
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