A new American Idol was crowned last night, and he’s country all the way.  In fact, the two top spots were taken by country singers, while the rock and rollers were edged out in third and fourth place (much to the surprise of many).  Which leads me to my question – what does that say about where the tastes of the American people are going?  And does your preference for the type of music you listen to indicate one’s personality?  In other words, are the intellectuals drawn to classical music, are the potheads drawn to acid rock – you get my drift.  Personally, I was floored when James Durbin was knocked out of the race and ended up in fourth place.  He’s R&R all the way and extremely talented (and what a story, overcoming all the obstacles he had).  So, if I prefer Lady Gaga to Carrie Underwood, does that mean I’m a specific type?  Should the question about musical preference precede all first dates, just to be sure you’re both on the same track?  I wonder…what do you think?