Photos of Gilda Evans by Lynn Levitt, Topanga, CA
Photos of Gilda Evans by Lynn Levitt, Topanga, CA

As a wife, mother and goal-driven individual, Gilda Evans embodies relationship and life expertise. At age 20, while attending the University of Southern California on an academic scholarship, she started a lighting business, which she sold for a profit at age 24. The sale of the business was followed closely by two years of teaching lighting design at Los Angeles’ prestigious Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

Life’s long and winding road then led her into a career as a television writer, producer, and director for such venues as CBS, HBO, Showtime and Warner Brothers. It was while working in the entertainment industry that she met and married the father of her children. Twelve plus years and two award nominations later she left the television industry to devote more time to her family. After her children got older, she launched a new career as an author and motivational speaker.

Winning her first poetry contest at the tender age of 9 and her first essay contest at 10, writing and speaking have always been natural forms of expression for Gilda. Her book, S’LIFE, Slices of Life for Teens, was created to facilitate and improve communication among teens, and between teens and their parents and educators. It is the first installment of the S’LIFE book series.

Gilda’s interest in children’s relationships, particularly those between teens and their parents, began years ago when she associate produced a television documentary titled, What Are We Doing to Our Children?  (See Gilda’s IMDb profile). The S’LIFE book for teens reflects her unabated interest in this increasingly volatile area of human interaction, as it propels her myriad life experiences to the fore and shares them with teens, parents and educators. Her no nonsense style appeals to teens because it is developed with teens’ involvement, instead of authoritatively isolating and alienating them.

Gilda’s love for writing, storytelling, and communicating with teens also encouraged her to begin writing a young adult fantasy fiction series, The Alternates, the first book of which she hopes to complete in 2017.

What Teens Are Saying About S’LIFE:

“I like how it related to me…”

“…more than just the stereotypical [issues] that you see in movies…”

“I like the way it covered a whole spectrum of topics…”

“…it had chapters that were short and to the point…”

“…a brilliant idea…a lot of people need to read stuff like this.”

“…it really opened my eyes…”