Not long ago, I found myself in a state of what I would simply call, unrest.  It wasn’t a bad place to be necessarily, but it can be one of flux and uncertainty, especially for a woman.  Especially for this woman – now in my early forties, married almost 25 years to a wonderful man and the Army (they always go together), a great career in banking, a son who has already left the nest, another son close behind him, and two children under 12 still at home.  I think that pretty much sums up the word ‘unrest’, don’t you?  So how did I move past this state?  Well, it wasn’t easy, and honestly it’s still a day-to-day challenge.  But, reading and writing definitely helped!    

The Mamas and the Papas wrote a song about it, and the Bible mentions it in Ecclesiastes – that there is a season and time for everything.  A time to laugh and a time to cry, a time to grieve and a time to dance.  For me, I fall into the “a time to read – a time to write” category.  I loved reading when I was young, but somewhere along the way I lost the desire.  Writing poetry and keeping journals were a lifeline during the more dramatic dating years of life, but once I married and started a family, it too became nonexistent once the busyness of life took hold.  My family and career were great, but after my oldest son moved forward in life, I found myself looking back and longed for something new.  You might call that longing a ‘mid-life crisis’, and maybe it was on some level.  I’m not really sure.  But I was certain of one thing – I wanted to inspire and ignite a change in not only myself, but others around me!

Then in 2012, my husband deployed to Afghanistan and my time to write came rushing back – fueled with a magnitude of passion and emotions that I had kept bottled up for years. It completely caught me by surprise, but I was changing my world with pen and paper!  And twelve months later, I had finished writing my first faith-based romance novel.  Being a newly published author has turned my once predictable world upside down, and I am loving it!  To make it even more fun, my whole family has become inspired right along with me.  It’s allowed us to dream beyond where we were, to a place we want to be.  My three youngest kids are even writing their own stories now and reading more every day.  It’s such a blessing to see their passion and imagine where that passion might take them someday.

Wherever you are in life, I hope that reading brings you joy, and a sense of wonder and excitement that can sometimes be hard to find in this crazy world we live in, especially for us women.  Reading and writing can fill a void and in turn, fill your soul.  If you’re not reading, then I highly encourage you to find a book and make the time to read.  Or, maybe it’s your time to write.  We all have a story to tell…what’s yours?

Thank you, Gilda, for giving me this opportunity to be a guest blogger on your site.  It was my sincere honor.

Sandy Sinnett, Author of ‘Hope in the Rain’











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