I have had the honour to be invited to create a guest post on the blog of my new friend Gilda Evans. This left me in something of a quandary since I’ve never done anything like this before. I’m more used to interviewing authors for my blog and occasionally being interviewed myself.

What do I write about was something that occupied my mind from the moment the invitation was made. The obvious choice given I’ve been a writer, is books. No, too passe. Caring for my wife during her cancer? No, perhaps still too tender. In the end I’ve decided to write about the kind of world I want to leave for my young grandson and why.

My grandson was born a year ago, just four months after his Nana passed away without ever meeting him. I had my instructions to look after him. Doing so on an immediate level like buying the necessities of babyhood presented no problems. But, so many things made me wonder about what would happen once I’ve gone. I would have fulfilled my duties as a Pops but what kind of world would I be leaving him? One in which the very earth itself is threatened because of the greenhouse gasses we’ve pumped into the air for a long time or is that just a myth and the world is undergoing one of it’s occasional changes in a perfectly natural way? I’m no scientist and would prefer to err on the side of caution. If we carry on as we are will all the polar bears have disappeared -except from zoos- when he grows up. A number of other animals have already disappeared from Earth thanks to the carelessness of mankind. I joined a group dedicated to asking Governments to seek new ways of using energy not derived from the use of carbon fuels. I joined groups dedicated to the saving of endangered species by appealing to Governments to put a stop to those actions which cause the endangerment. I know it won’t be easy as some Governments are heavily invested in using the very thing we ask them to stop using, like oil and they put their own interests before those of the common good.

Next I looked at wars. There always seems to be a war somewhere be it Gaza with the Arab-Israelis, Iraq, Syria and now more recently the Ukraine. I see a common thread in which the Countries with the biggest investment in arms are quick to offer weapons to one side or the other and then turn on their previous allies.

In Afghanistan the West armed the Taliban for it’s fight against the Russians then they fight against the Taliban to prevent them establishing the very laws the Taliban were using when they were allies. In Syria ISIS were allies fighting against Assad’s regime then are suddenly enemies. A similar story in Iraq where Bin Laden was once an ally then a foe. More recently the West helped establish a new Government in the Ukraine which has split the country. A Government of Right Wing Neo Nazis and the West put them there so that the Ukraine would lean towards becoming part of he European Union instead of leaning towards it’s neighbor Russia. You can see it won’t be long before the West is at war with the Neo Nazis unless as recent elections show Greece, France, The Netherlands and Germany are all leaning in that direction themselves.

This kind of world will be no good for my grandson unless he happens to be selling weapons and so I created a new blog called the Buthidars in the hopes of promoting some peace and understanding. We need to stop interfering in the internal politics of other countries to win ourselves control of their oil. We do need to start creating relationships of understanding and friendship between the normal peoples who are not interested in the hate spouted by fundamentalists and politicians. We need to HUG. Since you can’t hug properly while holding a weapon we should put the weapons down, return to our homes as friends and just accept the differences between us instead of fearing them. The world is perfectly capable of living as one if only we respect other people, show tolerance and above all HUG.

Recent cease fires give me pause to hope that the first steps have been taken in that direction. This past year is the anniversary of WWI , the War to End all Wars when the men in the trenches laid down their weapons and celebrated Christmas as comrades. Wouldn’t it be a great year to repeat that everywhere and to destroy all the weapons.

David Prosser.



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I wish the world hugs not guns.


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