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As a wife, mother and goal-driven individual, Gilda Evans embodies relationship and life expertise. At age 20, while attending the University of Southern California on an academic scholarship, she started a lighting business…

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The girl approached me after class surrounded by a small group of her friends. I guessed her to be about 15. It was clear she had something she wanted to say to me, but she had waited until the other students left…

In the Field/Teen Project

I am pleased to announce a pilot project, based upon the upcoming book titled S’LIFE, Slices of Life for Teens. This program offers a select group of students at participating high schools the chance to read the…

Timely Topics for Teens

One-hour sessions devoted to motivating teens to succeed in high school and beyond. In a dynamic and humorous style, Gilda shares her own experiences and poses important questions to her listeners that encourage discussion and introspection, ultimately leaving her audience inspired...

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What Teens are Saying About S'LIFE:

"I like how it related to me..."

"...more than just the stereotypical [issues] that you see in movies..."

"I like the way it covered a whole spectrum of topics..."

"...it had chapters that were short and to the point..."

"...a brilliant idea...a lot of people need to read stuff like this."

"...it really opened my eyes..."

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Gilda provides that rare combination of practical information, real-life stories and positive humor delivered in a dynamic presentation that is energetic, uplifting and informative.


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